to protect against pipe rupture


Load Holding Valves prevent uncontrolled cylinder movement in the event of a pipe or hose rupture. In some countries, Load Holding Valve devices are required by law when lifting or loading work is carried out with a construction machine. They are used to position a boom exactly and stably and allow steady movements. WESSEL Load Holding Valve are characterized by very good sensitivity and a very direct transmission behavior of the joystick movement. They are also always leak-free. The load control valve in the variant 4K (compact variant) is also suitable for the smallest installation spaces.


  • Meets the requirements of standards: DIN24093, ISO 8643, EN 474
  • Start opening independent of the load pressure
  • Sensitive control with low hysteresis
  • Leakage-free
  • Load control valve piston pressure-compensated
  • Symmetrical connections to/from the control valve on the right and the left side of the load control valve
  • Can be flanged directly onto the cylinder connection
  • Surge line for parallel operation for the minimization of the cylinder pressure differences
  • Pressuring limiting valve with upstream filter sieve for protecting the cylinder