Our targets

We have set ourselves ambitious targets. First and foremost, we want to optimise our costs every year. This is not to be achieved by low prices alone, but by reducing our quality-, logistics- and process- costs. We are therefore constantly striving to optimise value creation along the supply chain.

How can we make our products more cost-effective through optimised technical parts and assemblies and thus offer innovations added value for our customers?

How can we simplify / digitalise our procurement processes with you?

We strive to achieve these targets with our suppliers in a long-term and fair partnership

Our expectations

We require the highest demands on the reliability and performance of our existing and future suppliers.

Therefore, we need suppliers who meet our requirements both economically and technically and who are willing to continuously develop together with us. An essential point in the cooperation is a high degree of flexibility, quality and adherence to delivery dates.

Ideally, selected suppliers are already involved in the process during the enquiry development phase of new products in order to jointly develop cost-optimised solutions for the customers.

Our Transport and packaging instructions for suppliers and codes of conduct must be adhered to.

If it is foreseeable that the required delivery date cannot be comply, it is mandatory to inform us immediately. The reasons leading to a delay in delivery must be investigated. In case of emergency, all possibilities must be taken to reduce the delivery time.

Our requirements

Machining for small series between 10 and 1000 pieces

  • Turning up to a maximum diameter of 160 mm and a maximum length of 300mm
  • Milling up to a maximum edge dimension of 500 mm
  • Deburring (thermal if necessary)

Ideally including superfinishing (e.g. grinding / honing / lapping) up to 0.005 mm accuracy, electroplating (hardening, tenniferating, gas nitrocarburising) and corrosion protection


Surface treatment

  • Fe//Zn8-15/Cn/T0
    (standard coating)
  • Fe//Zn8-15HT(215+/-15)24/Cn/T0
    (standard coating against hydrogen embrittlement)
  • Fe//ZnNi(12)8-15/Cn/T0
    (coating with higher corrosion resistance)
  • Fe//ZnNi(12)8-15/HT(215+/-15)24/Cn/T0
    (coating with higher corrosion resistance against hydrogen embrittlement)

Maching tools

for the following departments:

  • Milling
  • Turning
  • Superfinishing / Grinding / Honing
  • general tool needs

Components for hydraulic valves

  • (magnetic ) valves (magnets, cetop and cartridge valves)
  • Seals
  • Springs
  • Nozzles
  • Fasteners (DIN screws)

General requirements

  • Packaging material
  • Office supplies
  • Industrial safety equipment
  • Maintenance of production machinery
  • general services
  • heating-sanitary, refrigeration, electrical, painting, metal construction
  • Waste disposal/cleaning service
  • Logistics services
  • IT Soft-Hardware

Raw material (steel, cast iron, aluminum)

  • 11SMN30+C,
  • 16MNCRS5PB
  • 42CRMOS4+QT+SH
  • C45
  • ETG100,
  • EN-GJS-400-15U
  • EN-GJS-500-7U
  • EN-GJS-600-3U
  • EN AW-2007
  • EN AW-6082
  • EN AW-7075

You would like to be our supplier

We select suppliers to "preferred suppliers" who are willing to face global market competition and the global demand we are following.

If you are an interested supplier and would like to contact our procurement department, you can do so here.

Here you will find the General-Purchasing-Terms-and-Conditions of Wessel-Hydraulik as well as the code of conduct for deliveries and services.