Proportional flow control valve for double and single acting consumers

Application description

The valve can be used to operate two attachments independently of each other. The 4/3 directional control valve is controlled by energizing the proportional pilot valves VStA or VStB.
A double-acting attachment such as a scissors (opening/closing) is thus supplied via the A and B connections. By energizing the proportional pilot valve VSt1, a volume flow controlled via an upstream pressure compensator is provided at port H. This volume flow can be used for the operation of single-acting attachments.
This can be used for the operation of single-acting consumers, such as hammers or a compressor.Both consumers can be limited in maximum operating pressure via pressure relief valves, which operate according to the pressure cut-off principle. The upstream 2-way pressure compensators keep the pressure difference constant. Thus, the consumers are supplied with the required volume flow independent of the load. The valve provides an internal LS signal for the pump./


  • Suitable for one double-acting and one single-acting auxiliary consumer
  • Electrically proportional control of the output volume flow rate
  • Suitable for load sensing systems