Drilling machines


Counterbalance Valves for Drive unit


Counterbalance Valve for Kinematic cylinder


Lowering brake valve for winch motor or kinematic functions, MotionOne


6/2 directional control valves for switching pump volume flow for traction drive to drilling drive


Series parallel valve for drilling head

Sperrventile für Mobilkrane Counterbalance Valves of this type are used as safety valves for traction motor applications on drilling equipment. They protect the motor from excessive speeds and any cavitation on the supply side of the motor during downhill travel or pulling loads. The braking process is supported. More information
Senkbremsventil für Winden Counterbalance valves of this type ensure that pulling loads on the kinematic cylinder can be lowered in a controlled manner. The LHC type valves have additional integrated vibration damping. These valves are also opened independently of the load pressure. More information
The MotionOne lowering brake valve is suitable for the winch motor or for the kinematic cylinder on drilling equipment. The modular design with various control options ensures maximum flexibility during commissioning and the MotionOne is suitable for applications with low to high susceptibility to vibration. The newly developed damping cartridge is particularly suitable for applications that are highly susceptible to vibration. More information
A 6/2 directional control valve can be used to switch from the pump volume flow for the traction drive to the drilling drive on a drilling rig. The switchover can be carried out electrically, hydraulically or by hand lever on the pilot control of the 6/2 directional control valve. The valve is also available with position monitoring so that the actual switching position of the directional control valve can be monitored and processed in a safety control system, for example. More information
The drive for drill heads is usually implemented with several hydraulic motors. If at least two motors are used, they can be controlled in two different operating modes. In parallel operation, the maximum torque is achieved with the motors, as the maximum pressure can act on each motor. If the maximum torque is not required, the motors can be operated in series operation at double speed. The valve is available in different versions so that up to 4 motors can be switched over.

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