Load holding valve for cylinder


For cylinder applications prone to vibration with flow rates from 5 to 60 l/min and maximum pressures of up to 450 bar. Multi-section masts that are moved by cylinders often tend to vibrate. If the damping is insufficient, this can also be caused by the activation of a cylinder. The then often necessary reduction in consumer speed and the clamping of the cylinder can be avoided by choosing WESSEL valves. Hardened steel for housing and slide ensure high wear resistance and safety! The valves can be connected with a hollow screw or with 4 screws. Variants are available for one (single valve) or both cylinder sides (double valve).


  • Separate pressure limiting valve: Opening point is selectable independent of the DBV setting.
  • Leakage free seat in hardened steel housing
  • Load pressure independent opening of the control valve
  • Cylinder tailored throttle cross sections of the control valve
  • High damping characteristics
  • Directly flanged to the cylinder