The check valve CVS-1N is flangeable and locks the flow in direction from T to A completely. The valve locks the flow in direction from A to T up to a pressure of 3 or 4.5 bar.


The valve is installed in the return line right before the tank inlet. The oil flowing back from the consumers is preloaded and is therefore available for suction functions in order to prevent cavitation. The valve is available with different preload pressures (3 bar, 4.5 bar). Customized housings are possible.


  • Suitable as a tank pre-load valve
  • low leakage
  • Preload pressures: 3 bar, 4.5 bar

Technical spezifications

DesignHydraulic schematicPort sizesMaximum inlet pressureMaximum flowstart of opening
CVS-1NSAE 1- 1/4"50 bar400 l/min3.0; 4.5bar