Locking valve pendelum axle


The connection A is connected with the pendulum axle cylinder.As long as there is no pressure on the throng P the pendulum axle cylinder leak oil-free is locked.As soon there is a pressure above of 12+/-2 bar the Pendulum axle cylinders opens.The opening pressure is determined by elasticity and unequal surface conditions of the lock slider.


A typical application is the blocking of the pendulum axle cylinders of a excavator, it has to be open during driving and locked during panning process.Important is when the machine is being used that (during panning process) , those cylinders are locked. If the pendulum axle is locked the stability is given if there not locked the excavator can fall and there is no stability.Properties -suitable for pendulum axle blocking for excavators and wheel loader.


  • Suitable as a pendulum axle lock for excavators and wheel loaders
  • Connection sizes M16x1.5
  • Preload pressures: 3 bar, 4.5 bar
  • Seat-tight thus locked without leaking oil