WESSEL Lowering Valves LHC


This counterbalance valve is particularly suitable for vibration-prone cylinder applications. The valves have a lowering brake function and a pressure valve function. The opening level of the lowering brake valve is independent of the set opening level of the pressure relief valve. It is possible to connect the pressure valve to a separate tank line, this allows the use of a main valve with closed center position.


  • very effective oscillation damping
  • load pressure independent opening of the control valve
  • throttle cross sections of the control valve assignet to the cylinder
  • load pressure independent opening the control valve

Technische Daten

DesignPort sizesmaximum pressuremaximum flow rate
LHC-3HM22x1,5(hollow screw)450 bar10/20/40/60/l/min
LHB-3NFlange connection (4 screws)450 bar10/20/40/60/l/min