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Betonverteiler 12x20 Strichzeichnung
Sperrventile Abstützzylinder
Lasthalteventil für Zylinder

proportional directional valve system

Sperrventile für Mobilkrane Double lock valves in cartridge design can be screwed directly into the support cylinder. The valve provides protection against a load dropping in the event of a line break in the supply lines. The valves are designed as pilot operated valves. Hardened components (seat and plug) guarantee freedom from leakage oil in the rest position with a long service life. The valve can be used for up to max. 70 lpm and can be loaded with 500 bar. A screw-in housing is available for the valve. More Informationen
Sperrventile für Mobilkrane For vibration-sensitive cylinder applications with volume flows from 5 to 60 l/min and maximum pressures up to 450 bar. Multi-unit masts moved by cylinders often tend to oscillate. If damping is inadequate, this can also be caused by the actuation of a cylinder. The then often necessary reduction of the consumer speed and the clamping of the cylinders can be avoided by choosing WESSEL valves. Hardened steel for body and spool provide high wear resistance and safety! The valves can be connected by banjo bolt or with 4 screws. Variants for one (single valve) or both cylinder sides (double valve) are available. More Informationen

Sperrventile für Mobilkrane

MCV-1SP is a proportional directional valve system in section design for mobile applications. The valve consists of three main components:

– Inlet section
– Directional valve sections
– End section

The actuation is carried out electrically or hydraulically proportional. Manual operation is also possible using a hand lever.

The MCV-1SP directional control valve can be used as a main control valve or as an additional section to expand the functions in mobile con-
struction machines. By connecting to the existing hydraulic system, additional work functions can be integrated easily into the machine. Electrical or hydraulic pilot control options can be selected.

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Sperrventile für Mobilkrane The pressure relief valve PRV-DSU – SUNSHINE VALVE is a direct-actuated, robust valve for small flow rates up to 10 l / min. The valve can be loaded up to 500 bar and is delivered as pre-adjusted. It is possible to protect the adjusting screw with a cap. This valve is suitable for luffing cylinders in mobile cranes. The name sunshine valve is due to its typical application: Any pressure rise, which can occur due to heat in non-moving cylinders, is prevented with this valve. More Informationen

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