Hydraulic breaker

Hammer 12x20 Strichzeichnung

Stromregelventil FC1

Freischaltventil D22-1N
Sperrventile für Mobilkrane The flow control valve type 1N is a 2-way or 3-way flow controller (pressure compensator) for volume flows up to 200 l/min and enables the operation of single-acting additional consumers. The additional consumer can be operated simultaneously with the normal machine functions. The volume flow and pressure to the additional consumer is independent of the pressure and volume flow of the main consumers in the machine. More information
Sperrventile für Mobilkrane The 2/2 directional control valve is used to connect or disconnect two hydraulic lines. It is a pilot-operated valve designed for high pressures and volume flows and is thus suitable above all for mobile applications. In many hydraulic applications, high return pressures cause unnecessary energy losses or even performance losses. An additional direct relief to the tank by means of a 2/2 directional control valve can significantly reduce these losses. 2/2 directional control valves are used, for example, in hydraulic excavators to connect the return lines of hydraulic tools directly to the tank, bypassing the main control valve. When operating hydraulic hammers, this is often necessary to achieve proper operation of the tool. In other applications, such as shear operation, a significant increase in performance can be achieved. Mehr Informationen

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