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Sperrventile für Mobilkrane Double lock valves in cartridge design can be screwed directly into the outrigger cylinder. The valve protects against lowering of a load in the event of a line break in the supply lines. The valves are designed as pilot operated valves. Hardened components (seat and plug) guarantee freedom from leakage oil in the rest position with a long service life. The valve can be used for up to max. 70 lpm and can be loaded with 500 bar. A screw-in housing is available for the valve. Mehr Informationen
Senkbremsventil für Winden The newly developed MotionOne lowering brake valve is suitable for motor-cylinder applications and is the perfect solution when it comes to precisely controlling and positioning high loads of up to 600l/min. The modular design with the different control options ensures maximum flexibility during commissioning. The MotionOne is suitable for applications with light to heavy vibrations. The newly developed damping cartridge is particularly suitable for applications that are highly susceptible to vibration.In line with the modular design, users can essentially choose between standard covers with and without pressure relief valve, electrical proportional control or the newly developed damping cartridge for the MotionOne. Mehr Informationen
Controlling the slewing gear of a mobile crane or similar equipment with a long boom places special demands on the valve technology due to the high torques combined with high inertia and possible sensitivity to external forces (e.g. wind). In order to be able to offer an optimum solution for all operating conditions, it is recommended to use a valve with separate control edges for the inlet and outlet of both slewing gear motor sides. The valve is designed for an LS-controlled pump, the inlet volume flow is directed to the motor via the inlet slide valve and from there to the tank via the outlet slide valve. In each case, these are pilot-controlled valves whose activation is only possible after release via a switching valve. The consumer sides are each equipped with pressure follow-up valves, so that neither overloading nor cavitation are possible. Inlet and outlet gate valves are matched to each other with their characteristic curve. Since they can be controlled separately, optimum strategies can be mapped for every operating situation. These include free positioning above a load, clamping of the boom or slow braking with a defined characteristic. The mechanical brake can also be released via the valve. With this valve, volume flows of up to 120 l/min can be controlled. Mehr Informationen
When the boom is lowered, the load pressure acting on the pipe-break safety device increases. The higher pressure difference leads to an increase in the lowering speed with standard pipe rupture safety devices. With type 3E, the increase in load pressure is detected and the lowering speed is automatically reduced for high loads. Mehr Informationen
For the telescoping of a mobile crane, it is important on the one hand to be able to position very precisely, and on the other hand it must be possible to realize high travel speeds with low pressure loss. For this purpose, Wessel-Hydraulik offers special slide valve tunings of the LHB-4N and -4K series. Mehr Informationen
Load Holding Valves prevent uncontrolled cylinder movement in the event of a pipe or hose rupture. In some countries, Load Holding Valve devices are required by law when lifting or loading work is carried out with a construction machine. They are used to position a boom exactly and stably and allow steady movements. WESSEL Load Holding Valve are characterized by very good sensitivity and a very direct transmission behavior of the joystick movement. They are also always leak-free. This pipe burst protection is suitable for up to 1400l/min thanks to the double cartridge technology.
The flow divider valve type FDV-CA splits an inlet flow rate independently of the pressure conditions in two fixed partial flows. The split ratio is predetermined by design. Various split ratios are available. The flow through the valve is always from C to A and B. The valve is available as cartridge type as well as a cartridge valve in a manifold.The valve is e.g. suitable for steering systems. more information
The pressure relief valve PRV-DSU – SUNSHINE VALVE is a direct-actuated, robust valve for small flow rates up to 10 l / min. The valve can be loaded up to 500 bar and is delivered as pre-adjusted. It is possible to protect the adjusting screw with a cap. This valve is suitable for luffing cylinders in mobile cranes. The name sunshine valve is due to its typical application: Any pressure rise, which can occur due to heat in non-moving cylinders, is prevented with this valve. more Information
The valve is installed in the return line right before the tank inlet. The oil flowing back from the consumers is preloaded and is therefore available for suction functions in order to prevent cavitation. The valve is available with different preload pressures (3 bar, 4.5 bar). Customized housings are possible. more information

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