These WESSEL brake valves are suitable for motor and cylinder applications. They guarantee a leak-free locking of the consumer. The opening is controlled by the opposing side pressure and not affected by the load pressure . This prevents the consumer from getting ahead of the incoming volume flow. The valves are suitable for applications that are subject to oscillation, such as winch drives and they are characterized by their high sensitivity and the direct joystick response.


  • optimal damping behavior
  • oscillation free load lowering
  • extremely precise and sensitive characteristics, especially with lower speeds
  • opening level is load pressure independent
  • load control valve piston pressure-compensated
  • can be flanged direcltly onto the cylinder connection
  • optionally with pressure relief valve
  • pressuring limiting valve with upstream filter for protecting the cylinder

Technical specifications

DesignPort sizesmaximum pressuremaximum flow rate
LHW-3NSAE 3/4"420 bar350 l/min
LHB-3NSAE 1 "420 bar400 l/min
LHW-3PSAE 3/4"420 bar350 l/min
LHW-3PSAE 1-1/4"420 bar600 l/min
LHW-3TSAE 3/4"420 bar350 l/min