Flow Control Valve, FC2-1X


Product Description

The manually operated flow control valve divides the input quantity into a smaller output quantity and is used to supply a hydraulic consumer independent of the load pressure. The valve can be used, for example, to set the desired speed for a scraper floor drive.
The incoming volume flow (P) is reduced for the consumer (A) depending on the setting of the handwheel. The remaining volume flow is directed to the tank (T). The setting is made by adjusting the handwheel. The consumer can be switched manually in the other direction by pressing the actuating button.


  • Compact design
  • All ports are on the same side of the valve body
  • Outlet flow manually adjustable
  • Manual reverse mode

Technische Daten

Designport sizesMaxi. pressureMax. volumen flow
FC2-1XP, A, B, T = G1/2 ISO1179-1220 bar60 l/min