WESSEL  Flow Divider 4-6 fold  FDV-X

Product Description

The flow divider ensures load flow independent flow volume distribution for up to 6 consumers. The valve consists of an input section for the
pump connections A and B. One consumer can be controlled in both directions per section, making the flow divi-der type FDV-1X suitable for
double-acting consumers, e.g. Hydromotors on travel drives (forward backward). The load pressure independent volume flow distribution is
realized by pressure compensators and fixed orifices. Different division ratios can be realized by adapting the fixed orifices. The valve works
according to the LUDV principle, which enables simple adjustment of the division ratios and simple adjustment of the division accuracy.


  • Modular structure for up to 6 consumers
  • Application for consumers with high demands on the accuracy of the volume flow
  • Maximum input volume flow 330l / min
  • Integrated pressure relief valve with suction function

Technische Daten

DesignPort sizesMaximum operating pressureMaximum volume flow
FDV-1XA,B SAE = 1"
A(x), B(x) = G1/2"
420 barQ on 360 l/min
Q off 60 l/min