Main control block in sectional design MCV-1SP

Product description

MCV-1SP is a proportional directional valve system in sectional design for mobile applications. The valve has a modular design as a single or multiple proportional directional valve system. The valve can be used as a main control valve or as an additional section for function extension in mobile machines. Electric or hydraulic pilot control options can be selected.


  • flexible and economical solution due to modular design
  • suitable for constant and variable displacement pump systems
  • Sensitive control for a wide range of applications
  • energy-saving load-sensing technology

Technical specifications

DesignPort sizesMaximum pressureMaximum flowVariants
MCV-1SPP,T=G 3/4", A/B=1/2"P=350 Bar
A,B=420 bar
130/minAvailable with up to 12 work sections