6/2 Directional Control Valve

This article is specifically about WESSEL - 6/2 way valves. In general, directional control valves have the task of connecting different hydraulic lines, shutting them off from one another or creating alternating line connections. The direction of action is influenced by the pressure and volume flow and thus controls consumers (motor/cylinder) with regard to start, stop or the direction of movement.

6/2 Directional Control Valve -  To extend a double-acting hydraulic function

Description 6/2 Directional Control Valve

With a 6/2 or 6/3 directional valve, the volume flow can be distributed behind a main section to optionally 2 consumers. The directional control valves are available in two versions: directional control valve 6/3 with a middle position, directional control valve 6/2 without middle position. Without center position, the main consumer is activated in the unswitched state of the directional control valve. In the switched state, the additional consumer is operated. Switching is done hydraulically or electrically. In the electrical version required control pressure is taken from the high-pressure supply line, so that no additional pilot pressure must be provided. The valves are not leak-free. Pressure limiting valves for the additional consumer must be installed externally. In version 6/3, the middle position is taken when neither inlet line is pressurized. In this position, all inputs and outputs are locked against each other.


The valve is also available with position monitoring, with which the switching position of the is monitored and can be processed in a safety controller.