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Engine brake valve
Lowering brake valve for winches - MotionOne
Brake valves are used as safety valves in hydraulically driven construction machinery. They prevent excessive speeds when traveling downhill. At the same time, they protect the traction motor from excessive speeds. Mehr Informationen
Senkbremsventil für Winden The newly developed MotionOne lowering brake valve is suitable for motor-cylinder applications and is the right choice when it comes to precisely controlling and positioning high loads of up to 600l/min. The modular design with the different control options ensures maximum flexibility during commissioning. The MotionOne is suitable for applications with light to heavy vibrations. The newly developed damping cartridge is particularly suitable for applications that are highly susceptible to vibration.In line with the modular design, users can essentially choose between standard covers with and without pressure relief valve, electrical proportional control or the newly developed damping cartridge for the MotionOne. Mehr Informationen

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