Manure Tanker

Flow Control Valve
Way valve 4/3 on manifold

WESSEL main control valves are characterized by a compact design with high efficiency and variable construction. The main control valve MCV-LC is operated electrically switching or proportional and supplies various consumers such as cylinders, rotary drives and integrates additional valve technology, such as check valves, load-holding valves, pressure valves. The MCV LC directional control valve can be used as a main control valve to expand the function in mobile machines. By connecting to the existing hydraulic system, additional work functions can easily be integrated into the machine.

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MCV-1SP is a proportional directional valve system in sectional design for mobile applications. The valve has a modular design as a single or multiple proportional directional valve system. The valve can be used as a main control valve or as an additional section for function extension in mobile machines. Electric or hydraulic pilot control options can be selected.

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