Forage Wagons


Scraper floor operation,

current control function with reversing


Scraper floor operation ,

switch two hydraulic motors in parallel or series operation


Freewheeling valve for the drive axle


Oil temperature controller

The manually operated flow control valve divides the input quantity into a smaller output quantity and is used to supply a hydraulic consumer independent of the load pressure. The valve can be
used, for example, to set the desired speed for a scraper floor drive.
The setting is made by adjusting the handwheel. The consumer can be switched manually in the other direction by pressing the actuating button.

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The valve can be used to operate two hydraulic motors in parallel or in series. If the motors are switched to parallel operation, the motors generate a high torque at half the speed. If the valve is switched in series, the speed is doubled at half the torque. The valve is typically used for a scraper floor drive in loading machines. If hay or grass is unloaded, for example, this is done slowly at the beginning. For unloading towards the end, the valve is switched to series operation to save time.
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This valve is suitable for the use in towed equipment. The 5/2 directional valve connects the hydraulic drive motors of the machine from a freewheeling position with the drive (the pump).
If the valve is not activated, the axle is not driven (towing mode). If the valve is activated, the connection to the pump is established (drive mode)
  • Maximum flow: 30 l/min, 100 l/min, 200 l/min
  • Maximum inlet pressure: 420 bar

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This valve is used in the cooler circuit of hydraulic driven machines. It controls the flow which is lead to the tank respectively to the oilcooler. The oil control valve enables a temperature dependent control of the flow. With the help of a thermo-modul the valve spool is continously moving from opened to closed position. The hereby caused pressure increase also increases the flow to the cooler. The valve is opened completely below 40°C and closed at 55°C.

  • Connection M33x2, ISO 9974-1
  • input flow rate: 250 l/min & 400 l/min
  • Temperature-dependent volume flow throttling
  • Robust function through high switching forces
  • Easy installation
  • Continuous adjustment of the flow cross-section
  • Valve switches thermally delayed

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