Pressure Relief Valves



Pressure relief valves type PRV-1DI are a direct operated valve in a body with SAE or G connection. The valves are available for different pressure ranges up to a maximum pressure of 420 bar. The valves are used to protect hydraulic systems and consumers from overload or dynamic peak pressures.



  • Pressure relief valve in a body
  • High pressure resistance(PRV-1DIA up to 420 bar
  • SAE 3/4", 1", 1  1/4", G3/8" connection

Technische Daten

DesignFunctionHydraulic schematic P max, Q maxAdjustable rangeDatasheet
PRV-1DIASAE 3/4" manually adjustable420 bar, 80l/min
20-420 bar

PRV-1DIASAE 1" manually adjustable420 bar, 80l/min20-420 bar

PRV-1DIASAE 1 1/4" manually adjustable420 bar, 80l/min20-420 bar
PRV-1DIBG 3/8"250 bar, 50l/min120-250 bar