The pressure relief valve PRV-1PI is a pilot-operated pressure relief valve, which is suitable for various applications. Valves of this design are offered as screw-in cartridges and with different functional housings.


  • Cartridge valve
  • Can be combined with different housings
  • Mechanically or electrically adjustable
  • Pressure resistance up to 400 bar
  • Flow rate up to 400 l / min

Technical specifications

DesignFunctionHydraulic schematicP max, Q maxAdjustable rangeCavity
PRV-1PImanually adjustable
preset 200bar
400 bar, 400l/min
100 bar, 400l/min
150-400 bar
10-100 bar
Stepped bore
PRV1PIelektrical proportional adjustable400 bar, 400l/min150-400barStepped bore

Example of Application

In the simplest variant, a single-acting consumer (Example 1) is protected. For this purpose, the valve is installed in the pressure line to the consumer and connected to the tank. It is also possible to limit the maximum pressure for a specific attachment tool (example 2) - when the valve is switched, the pressure is limited. This is useful if the factory setting of the machine is not to be changed. Housings for two valves are available for double-acting consumers such as shears, crushers and other tools


  • Pressure protection of various consumers
  • Single-acting consumers such as hammer
  • Double acting consumers, e.g. shears, pulverizer