Priority valve FC1-1D


The priority valve is used to supply an additional consumer with a preferred volume flow. The residual volume flow is provided to supply the existing main functions on the machine. The priority valves are suitable for open-center and closed-center systems. The divided volume flow to the additional consumer has priority over the main functions. The valve is flanged directly to the pump or to the pump input of the main control. The combination with other valves enables a wide range of applications. The valve is normally combined with other valves, such as flow control valve FC1X-2P.


  • Supplies important functions with priority
  • Priority valve can supply Load-Sensing valves for additional consumers
  • Suitable for all common types of mobile hydraulics
  • Low pressure loss in free-flow

Technical specifications

DesignPort sizesMaximum pressureMaximum flow rate
FC1-1DSAE 3/4" 1" 1 1/4"420 bar300/400/600 l/min