WESSEL Flow Control Valves FC2-2 Top

Limit volume flow and pressure

Product Description

The flow control valve is an ideal combination with the WESSEL Tool Control plus and allows a proportional adjustment of volume flow (max. 400 l/min) and pressure (max. 400 bar) for double-acting attachment (milling, Mulcher, Alligator bucket). The attachment can be operated simultaneously with the normal machine functions (please consider the maximum flow rate of the machine). The inlet is designed with a 3-way pressure compensator controlled by an electrically-adjustable proportional orifice. The proportional valve is supplied by the inlet volume flow. A preceding high pressure pressure reducing valve ensures stability with working pressure up to 400 bar. The pressure compensator is placed in the bypass and regulates the remaining flow to the return side. The return flow from the tool is routed with low loss through check valves in bypass to the orifice back to the main control valve. The maximum operating pressure is adjusted proportionally by means of a pilot valve. When the pressure exceeds, the pressure compensator opens to the opposite side.


  • Max volume flow:. 400 l/min
  • For double acting consumers
  • Built-in pressure relief
  • Max. Operating pressure: 420 bar

Technical specifications

DesignPort sizesMax. pressureMax. volume flow
FC2-TopSAE 1"420 bar400 l/min