The flow divider valve divides the volumetric flow into two equal partial flows of 1: 1 and is typically used in hydrostatic drives with parallel-connected hydraulic motors.


  • Automatic volume flow division 1:1
  • High accuracy of dividing ratio
  • Easy installation

Technische Daten

DesignPort sizesMaximum pressureMaximum flow
FDV-1NSAE 1"420 bar220 l/min

Application example

Final drive with hydraulic differential

The directional control valve S5/2 137.904.401.9 and the flow divider 136.904.201.9 are intended for use in the drive train of a grader or a comparable
mobile work machine with a closed circuit. They are used to control an axle that is operated either in tow mode or in drive mode and feed motors with two lifting
volumes (e.g. Poclain wheel hub motors). The directional control valve is used to connect the machine's hydraulic drive motors from a freewheeling position to the drive (pump). When unswitched, the axle is not driven, so it is in towing mode. The connection to the pump is established. Since the pilot pressure is routed via the control spool, this results in a smooth shift. It also ensures that the engine pistons are held by the pressure on the control disk. By using the flow divider, the volume flow can be distributed evenly across both drive motors (hydraulic differential. The valve is very suitable for up to 250 l/min.