The valve consists of a main valve that connects either piston rod and bottom side (speed mode) or piston rod side and return (power mode). The valve is operated by a flanged pilot valve, which switches from speed mode to the power mode at an adjustable pressure. If the power mode is engaged, it remains switched on due to a desired hysteresis of the valve until the inlet pressure falls to approximately 1/10 of the switching pressure. A non-return valve ensures that only minimal pressure losses occur when the shear is opened.


  • Robust construction
  • Can be used in scrap and concrete shears
  • Flanged or with SAE connncetions
  • Automatic switching between speed mode and power mode
  • Low pressure losses

Technical specifications

BauformAnschlussgröße Maximaler BetriebsdruckMaximaler Volumenstrom
REG-2DFlange(see Datasheet)
SAE 1 " adapterplate
420 bar1000 l/min

Hydraulic schematic

1.3 Schaltschema REG-2D