SpeedOne - More productivity at the shears

Speed Valves

Speed Valves for scrap and demolition shears connect the bottom and rod sides of their cylinders in the rapid traverse position by means of valve pistons. As soon as the shears hit material, the pressure increases. At a certain pressure, the valve spool switches to the power gear by connecting the rod side to the return.



  • Very compact design
  • Direct switching from rapid traverse mode to force mode
  • Combination of slider/cartridge technology
  • Faster cycle times due to optimized flow values
  • Direct mounting onto the cylinder

Technical specifications

DesignConnection sizeMaximum operating pressureVolume flow
SpeedOneFlange(see Datasheet)
SAE 1 " Adapter plate
420 barS = 250l/min
M = 500l/min
L = 1000l/min