The regeneration function is implemented by a check valve (cartridge technology) integrated in the valve spool (AZ to BS). The main piston does not move in this mode. The main piston is deflected based on the pressure via a small pilot piston. As soon as the activation pressure for the power mode is reached, the main piston moves out of its overlap and releases the oil from the rod side in direction to the main control block to the tank (AZ to AS).
When the pressure drops, the main piston closes and the speed mode takes effect.
Fast opening behavior with a relatively weak spring and maximum stroke with low pressure loss ensures optimal closing / retraction of the cylinder.


  • Robust Spool Valve Technology
  • Directly mounted onto the Cylinder
  • Used for Scrap Shears and Concrete Breakers

Technical specifications

DesignConnection sizeMaximum operating pressureVolume flow
SpeedOneFlange(see Datasheet)
SAE 1 " Adapter plate
420 barS = 250l/min
M = 500l/min
L = 1000l/min