WESSEL Directional Spool Valves Cetop NG10

With directional control valves 4/2 and 4/3, dual-acting consumers can be operated or pilot control signals can be manipulated.


  • CETOP standard NG10 DIN 24349
  • Maximum pressure 350 bar
  • Maximum flow 140l/min

Technische Daten

part numberDesignationcircuit diagramCodeVoltSpecial Version
285.502.000.6Directional Control Valve
NG10, S4/2
10412DIN plug
285.501.000.6Directional Control Valve
NG10, S4/2
10024DIN plug
285.507.000.6Directional Control Valve
NG10, S4/2
10024Deutsch plug DT04-2P
285.903.000.6Directional Control Valve
NG10, S4/2
10212DIN plug
243.310.301.9Directional Control Valve
NG10, S4/2
10324DIN plug, NOTE: Only two connections may
be loaded with 420 bar. The fastening screws
must comply with 12.9. The clamping length
of the screws is important for the calculation
and should be maintained.