WESSEL Way valve Typ D22-1N


The 2/2 way valve is used to connect or disconnect two hydraulic lines. It is a pilot-operated valve that is designed for high pressure and flow rates, making it particularly suitable for mobile applications. In many hydraulic applications, high return pressure cause unnecessary energy losses or even performance losses. With an additional direct discharge to the tank by means of 2/2 way valve, these losses can be significantly reduced. 2/2 way valves are used e.g. in hydraulic excavators to bypass the main control valve and route the return lines of hydraulic tools directly to the tank. When operating hydraulic hammers, this is often necessary to achieve proper operation of the device. In other applications, such as scissors operation, a significant increase in performance can be achieved.


  • Electrically or hydraulically switchable
  • Unswitched open or closed
  • Optional damping - Soft-switching
  • Also available as return pressure compensated variant

Technical specifications

DesignPort sizesMaximum pressureMaximum flowData Sheet
D22-1NASAE 1"420 bar400 l/min
D22-1NBSAE 1 1/2"420 bar1.800 l/min